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Prestige Proteins Sodium Caseinate
Uses in Processed Foods

Description: The Sodium Caseinate manufactured by Prestige Proteins is a modified protein extracted from pure farm milk. Various processed foods are able to utilize the exceptional functioning properties offered in our Sodium Caseinate.

Nutritional Properties: Not all proteins are alike. It is the composition of the amino acids within the protein that provides its nutritional value. Though in common usage, vegetable proteins generally have much less nutritional value than animal origin animal origin proteins: meat, eggs and milk. Sodium Caseinate is an animal protein. As such, Sodium Caseinate contains the essential eight amino acids considered to be the daily standard requirements for living. Today, there is broad interest in high quality food proteins. Utilizing Sodium Caseinate supplements a higher nutritional value in processed food products.

Amino Acid Content:
Alanine 2.7, Arginine 3.7, Aspartic Acid 6.4, Cystine 0.3, Glutamic Acid 20.2, Glycine 2.4, Histidine 2.8, Isoleucine 5.5, Leucine 8.3, Lysine 7.4 Methionine 2.5, Phenilalahine 4.5, Proline10.2, Serine 5.7, Threonine 4.4, Tryptophan 1.1, Tyrosine 5.7, Valine 6.5.

Typical Analysis   
Protein (Dry Basis)   
93 (+/-1%)
Moisture (Max)   
6.8 - 7.2

Physical Properties: The physcial properties, as well as the exceptional pure protein level of the Sodium Caseinate manufactured by Prestige Proteins, indicate numerous applications for the amendment of processed foods.

Utilization Properties: The Film-Coat Formation, Thickening, Stabilization, Gelling, Emulsification, Fat Blocking, Water Absorption, Adhesive Blocking, Dough Formation.


Dietary Supplement Supplement proteins for use in pharmaceuticals , from infant to convalescent to geriatric foods and dietetic products.
Bakery Production The nutrient value of flours, cereals and baked goods is improved by Lysine-rich Sodium Caseinate. Texture workability is improved. In yeast-raised goods -- doughnuts, muffins, waffles, uniformity is insured. In deep-fried goods -- doughnuts, crullers, the excess absorption of fat is aided by the fat-blocking agent.
Ice Cream Production Emulsifies and stabilizes milk shake/drink bases. Performs as a stabilizing factor in diabetic ice cream, as well as being low in calories and high in nutrients. The agents of Sodium Caseinate in ice cream production enhance longevity and minimize shrinkage.

Meat Production

Sodium Caseinate is a factor in binding processed meats -- sausages, luncheon meat, liverworst, meat loaves. It also acts as an emulsifier for fat.
Other For wines, Sodium Caseinate behaves as a coagulant and clarifier.

    Examples of Applications:

Bakery Production
Biscuits/dumplings, frozen dough, pretzels, breads/rolls, matzos, short breads, breading crumbs, mixes-cakes, snack crackers, cakes, muffins, specialty flours, cookies, pie crusts, sweet rolls/buns, drackers-soda/graham, pie fillings, tortillas, croutons, pizza dough, waffles/pancakes.
Cereal Production
Infant specialties, cooked & dryfortified specialties, confections production, candies, chocolate products, frostings/icings.
Dairy Production
Cheddar style cheese, cottage style cheese, frozen desserts, coffee creamer, flavored beverages, ice cream, cream style cheese, fortified milk, iIce milk.
Edible Coating Production
Casings, glazes, various liquid types.
Egg Production
Whole egg extenders, white & yolk extenders, meringues, gelatin food production.
Meat Production
Infant/baby meats, ground meat/sausages, potted meats.
Misc. Foods Production
Appetizers/snacks, beverages. bouillon, desserts, gravies/soups/stews, salad dressign/spreads, medical & specialty foods production, baby foods, convalescent foods, diabetic foods, geriatric foods, pharmaceutical foods, protein hydrolisates, special nutrient foods, weight gaining diets, weight reduction diet, synthetic milk additives, edible adhesives, emulsions, flavor carriers, thickeners.
Animal Feeds
Bird foods, cat foods, dog foods, fish foods, pig starters, poultry foods.